Our Services

Legal Advisory

We provide support in all commercial contracts, such as:

  • elaboration of terms and conditions (sourcing, supply, online business)
  • individual sourcing, sale and purchase agreements
  • distribution and agency contracts
  • cooperation and development contracts
  • confidentiality agreements
  • licensing
  • competition law
  • cross-border contracts

"The business environment is full of agreements between businesses. Written contracts force the parties stating their expectations and how to handle negative situations. A lot of potential issues can be avoided accordingly."

Training in cartel and contract law

We provide training of sales and marketing people in the following areas:

  • contract negotiations
  • Cartel Law
  • Liability for products
  • Product security law
  • How to handle customer complaints

"An effective Cartel Compliance programme is nowadays a necessity. Our training makes your employees aware of harmful effects of cartels, warning signs of cartel conduct, and explains the benefits of cooperating with an agency’s investigation (e.g. leniency programs)."

M&A Process Management

We support our clients in acquisitions and divestments. We ensure in the course of M&A Projects that all interdependencies/interfaces are coordinated properly.




We provide support in the following areas of acquisitions and divestments:


  • assistance in elaborating fit criteria for targets
  • initiate contact to target
  • preparation and support in due diligence
  • elaboration of non-binding or binding offers
  • drafting of Information Memoranda 
  • co-ordination of interfaces
  • managing project teams (internal and external team members) and manage process
  • preparation and participation in management presentations  
  • preparation and support in negotiations
  • continuous project management and monitoring
  • co-ordination of outcomes of due diligence and evaluation for Sale and Purchase Agreement

Dagmar T. Jenni


Rechtsanwältin, LL.M, ARM

Dagmar Jenni studierte an den Universitäten von Bern, Exeter (UK), am King's College (UK) and in Stanford (USA).


Attorney-at-Law, LL.M., ARM

Dagmar Jenni studied at the Universities of Berne, Exeter (UK), at the King's College (UK) and in Stanford (USA).